2017 Industry Sponsored Product Theaters (Non-CE)

Non-CE Product Theater

Thanks to industry, the AANP 2017 National Conference is able to offer complimentary access to non-CE Product Theaters (PT)for registered attendees. PTs are branded/non-branded educational presentations which are usually sponsored through health care industry companies marketing funds.

The occurrence of these PTs and their presentation information at the AANP 2017 National Conference is not an AANP product endorsement.

Some state regulations require industry to track and report the value of "gifts" to health care providers from industry marketing and may elect not to allow access to some health care provider attendees from certain states. There are also restrictions in some employment settings for some states. The report must contain the value of each meal, the recipient's name and contact information. If you attend the PT, you are providing permission for AANP to release your contact information (name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and other information as requested) to the sponsor and/or their education company for the purpose of meeting the various state/government reporting requirements and sending attendees related event product updates.

AANP will assist in notifying conference registrants from the states or employment settings that are not eligible to attend the PTs, if a sign with the restricted information is provided by the sponsor. The sponsor's signage will also be featured near the event entrance indicating the states and/or employment settings restricted from attending the industry sponsored non-CE PT event.

Due to their educational focus, attendance is limited with some restrictions to only conference registered attendees. Registration/admission will occur at the entrance of each scheduled event on a first-come, first-served basis. You must have your conference name badge with you to be scanned for admission. There will be no pre-registration.

Presentation Information
Some presentation descriptions and event location information are included on the promotional announcement below. Onsite, for continued event awareness and directional assistance a sign will be displayed in the registration area

AANP 2017 National Conference Non-CE Product Theaters

Lunch – Wednesday, June, 21


17.2.035 17.2.036 17.2.037 17.2.038
17.2.035 Options in basal insulin: Basaglar® (insulin
glargine injection)
17.2.036 Clinical Insights on Taltz 17.2.037 Clinical Data and Real-World Evidence to Support NVAF & DVT/PE Treatment Decision Making 17.2.038 Advances in Dementia Science and the Evolving Role of Nurse Practitioners

Dinner – Wednesday, June, 21

17.2.164 17.2.165
17.2.164 Optimizing Treatment to Improve Outcomes: Implementing the New Guideline for Managing Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction
(Systolic HF)
17.2.165 Repatha® (evolocumab):
A Focused Clinical Review

Breakfast – Thursday, June, 22

17.3.004 Diabetes: Treatment and Management

Lunch – Thursday, June, 22

17.3.020 17.3.021 17.3.022 17.3.023
17.3.020 Therapeutic Options for Hypertension Management                                    17.3.021 Identifying Adult Candidates for Pneumococcal
Vaccination: It Starts With a Question
17.3.022 Invokana® canagliflozin tablets 17.3.023 Test Your Diagnostic Skills With a Medical Mystery

Dinner – Thursday, June, 22

17.3.116 17.3.117
17.3.116 Choosing the Appropriate Pathway for Diagnosing & Treating CAD 17.3.117 Opioid-Induced Constipation: The Science, Patient Burden, And A Prescription Treatment Approach

Breakfast – Friday, June, 23

17.4.004 Considerations for insulin therapy in adult
patients with T2DM

Lunch – Friday, June, 23

17.4.094 17.4.095 17.4.096 17.4.097
17.4.094 Exploring Dose Timing: A Once-Daily, Long-Acting Insulin for Your Adult Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

17.4.095 Breakthrough Therapies Transforming HCV Treatment

17.4.096 Lawful Prescribing and the Prevention of Diversion 17.4.097 Dietary Supplements in Healthcare: Review and Update, Including Drug Related Nutrient Depletion

Dinner – Friday, June, 24

17.4.144 17.4.145
17.4.144 The Road to Heart Failure Care 17.4.145 Recognizing and Treating Major Depressive Disorder

Breakfast – Saturday, June, 24

17.5.004 Important Label Updates for a Smoking Cessation Therapy Based on a Large Clinical Trial

Dinner – Saturday, June, 24

17.5.116 Diagnosing and Managing a Patient with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: Care Strategies for Advanced
Clinical Healthcare Providers